My name is James and I'm a front-end web developer.


James Brenton at a glance: Lives in Leeds; makes sexy, responsive sites; drinks copious amounts of coffee

I live in Leeds, West Yorkshire, and have seven years of professional experience working within both agency and freelance environments. I’m a lover of code and create intuitive, responsive interfaces written in clean, semantic markup.

I firmly believe that there’s always a way to do anything on the web, and that taking ownership and focusing on attention to detail will result in the delivery of an exceptional project.

I’ve not always been a web developer – I’ve also had over a decade of experience in sales and retail, including management roles which means I’m now pretty darn good at integrating into a team or working on a solo project. My time management and communication skills are top-notch, and I couldn’t be happier now I’m working in an industry I really love.

These are my favourite toys:

  • Skilled in HTML5

    I’m not keen on dubious WYSIWYG visual-editing – I make pages from scratch and hand-code my work in a way which makes it easy for collaborators to build on later.

  • Skilled in CSS3

    Progressively enhancing CSS is what I’m all about; I make sure modern browsers have the sparkling touches my clients require.

  • Skilled in jQuery

    I write custom JavaScript and jQuery to make my sites more awesome, and have extensive experience with plug-ins and other libraries such as Modernizr.

  • Skilled in Wordpress and Content Management Systems

    I’ve worked with several different CMSs, but WordPress is my favourite; I’m really comfy editing existing template styles or sculpting fresh PHP to specific requirements.

  • Skilled in SASS and CSS pre-processors

    Who doesn’t love a pre-processor? SASS is my personal choice and I’ve played around with frameworks like Compass as well.

  • Skilled in PhotoShop and Adobe Creative Suite

    I predominately use Photoshop and Fireworks to design and implement sites, but can work with pretty much anything from Adobe Creative Suite.

My work

Let’s get cooking

A challenging and expansive build for a huge charity (£7m+) within a collaborative environment. Requiring huge flexibility with regards to page content, it is built on a CMS based around MCMS and uses substantial jQuery to feature some nifty layout quirks.

Technologies used:
About Let’s get cooking

Artwork by: Mel Jennings

URL: http://www.letsgetcooking.org.uk/
Care for the Family

I project managed the front end development of this device-agnostic site for a large charity (£3m+). It’s produced around a proprietary CMS built on a platform based on MCMS.

Technologies used:
About Care for the Family

Desktop design by: Creatiscope

URL: http://www.careforthefamily.org.uk
The Letting Expert

A WordPress site built around the Figero theme with integrated Google Checkout functionality.

Technologies used:
About The Letting Expert

Design by: James Brenton

URL: http://www.letting-expert.com
The Brain Tumour Charity

A responsive CMS website with multiple templates produced from a design from a third party company.

Technologies used:
About The Brain Tumour Charity

Desktop design by: Delivery of thought

URL: http://www.thebraintumourcharity.org

Designed in-browser for a client who wanted to sell their products digitally. PayPal has been integrated for instant payments and delivery. It’s built in a custom theme within WordPress to the client’s specification.

Technologies used:
About Tenancy-Agreement.com

Design: James Brenton
Configurables: WooCommerce

URL: http://www.tenancy-agreement.com